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 Jack Perry                

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Jack's whips are all built to order.  We do not stock any.  Pictured below are some of the whips he has built.  Click on each picture for a larger view.  Standard prices are as follows:

Kangaroo, up to 12 strand overlay, and up to 8 braided feet: $70/braided foot. 

The fall and popper add about 3' to a whip: Example, an 8 braided foot whip will have a working length of about 11'.  Contact Us  for prices on higher string counts and longer lengths.

Timber Creek Performance Whips

 Jack's own design, these whips are well balanced and very smooth flowing.  Ideal for the beginner as it cracks effortlessly, but designed with the professional in mind.   The 12" handle makes it more accurate, while the braiding pattern lets the whip flex evenly in any direction, making cracking sequences flow smoothly.  For  pictures of this style click here.

                                        12 Strand Overlay:   6'=$420    7'=$490   8'=$560

                                        16 Strand Overlay:   6'=$470    7'=$540   8'=$610

                                        Contact Us for prices on longer lengths and higher string counts

Target Whips

The Diamondback Target Whip  Our target whips are made with specifically oriented directional braided bellies and a 16 strand diamondback overlay pattern to make them track straight.  The point is finished in eight strand single diamond making it durable and stable.  We also use longer (12" - 16"  is typical) handles for pinpoint accuracy.  4'=$330   5'=$400   6'=$470    7'=$540    8'=$610

Collector Whips

This 8' 24 strand bleached and natural deer rawhide bull whip is like no other.  The natural rawhide makes a nice contrasting design down the main body of the whip.  The pure elegance of this whip is amazing. 


6' 24 strand matched pair.  Brandy colored thong with natural handles. 

The only matched set we have in stock, you will not regret owning this well balanced, easy to crack, award winning duo.



Built to look like a historical 1800's snake whip but to perform like a bull whip.  This 6 foot black whip has two braided bellies and a 4 inch fiberglass handle.  The overlay is a hand stitched cover for 1/2 the way down and then transitions into a 24 stand herringbone braid.




Close-up of the transition area.




The Ten Commandments  Built to resemble the whip in the movie, this whip stands alone in uniqueness with its silver overlayed handle.  The 8' thong is braided with 32 strands of 1/8" lace.

Close up of the braid to show the extreme detailed braiding.

View the silver overlayed handle on this whip.


A less expensive version of the one above. This black whip with a polished Aluminum handle and a 16 strand overlay, is striking in appearance and handles beautifully. 


This set is unique.  It features an 8', 16 strand Timbercreek Performance with a bowling pin handle and an exact half-scale miniature to match.

  Close up of the handles.


 A 24 strand two-toned piece of art.  This one has some very impressive designs in the handle, including a cross on either side.


 Notice the cross above the hand grip.

A 32 strand handle on a 16 strand 8' two tone Timbercreek Performance whip. 

  Close up of the handle.  Note the initials DNS. 


Historical Whips

Historically accurate for the late 1800s, this 10' snake whip is shot loaded.  It has a sewn cover two thirds of the way down and then the cover is split into 8 strands and is finished in a braid. 


A Bullwhacker whip made for the living history actress "Calamity Jane".  The thong is 12 stand overlay and 16' long.  The 4' 6" handle is hand carved out of hickory.  This style of whip was used in the 1860's and 1870's by teamsters with long teams of oxen.  This whip is currently used in reenactment shows.



This stockwhip has a 22" handle and 6' thong.  The handle is covered in a 16 strand braid, the thong is done with 12 strands to make it tougher for everyday use. 


The fox head on the heel of this whip is hand carved out of deer antler.  15" handle.  6 1/2' brandy thong. 


Carefully painted to enhance the detail of the fox while still showing off the antler.




Jack made this half scale whip for our son Jim when he was 2 years old.  Jack has fun playing with this whip when there is not enough room to use a full sized one.  $170

Indiana Jones

These are "Indiana Jones" style Bullwhips.  They are patterned after the David Morgan 450 series that were used in the " Indiana Jones" movies.  They start with two braided bellies, have a 12 strand overlay, braided wrist thong and weighted heel knot.

Available in Natural, Whiskey, Brandy (not shown) and Black (not shown). Standard lengths and prices are as follows:  6'=$440   8'=$580    10'=$750    12'=$900

    Jack can braid names, brands, and special designs into the handle or body of your whip.  For pricing on specialty designs or to discuss what style of whip will suit you best, give him a call or e-mail using the contact link at the bottom of this page.

Customer Comments:    

 Hi Jack
Here is what I have to say about Cowboy by Design whips.
  While I am not involved in doing circus performing any longer I have been cracking whips for about 35 years now and I have to say that your Timber Creek Performance whip is simply one of the finest whips I've ever had the honor of owning!
  My 6' Whiskey & Black whip tracks beautifully and cracks with no effort at all, the handle fit's like it was made for me personally it has all the characteristics of any of the fine Kangaroo whips I've ever handled!
   With this whip I am inclined to possibly get involved with participating in some whip contests, I have only had one other whip feel this fantastic in my hand and it cost quite a bit more!
    Thank you so much Jack, I am almost afraid of what this whip is going to feel like once it's broken in!
   I took it with me to the WWAC Convention in Netcong NJ. where I let several pro's try it out including Mark Allen of Nevada and everyone was amazed at the beauty and suppleness of this awesome whip, thanks again Jack you are truly a master whipmaker, you have imparted qualities into this whip that I try to put into my knives!

Joe Darrah

Brokenfeather Custom Knives

( Stick With  It)

"The whip came in the mail today...I'll tell ya, it doesn't feel like a 9 foot bull whip, it cracks so easy that I feel like I could go on cracking for ages with it.  Targeting will be no problem, absolutely amazing handling.  This whip has grace and beauty, as well as form and true function, just plain Awesome.  The thong travels so fluid and snake like and the handle is the perfect match.  I love the balance, actually  I love everything about this whip....  Thank you truly, for such a wonderful art piece I can't wait to show it off."  JJ

"The whip arrived in good order and I am delighted! It is beautiful!  I am impressed with your workmanship."  MB

"The whip arrived today in the mail.  You sure did a good job on it! When I get this one wore out I'll get back with you."  TC

"Jack, It's great and a beauty. Make another please." CJ

Thank you for looking at our whips!

God bless America

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