Whip Maintinance & Repair

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 Pictured below are the common whip replacement items.  If you need something that is not pictured here please let us know.        

Twisted Nylon Crackers  The ones the professionals use, they pop loud and easy. 

5 / $5 




Whitehide Falls 36"  long, pregreased and ready to use.  $8/each.



Pecard Leather Dressing waterproofs and conditions to make your whip last longer and extends the life of your fall as well.

2.5oz /$4   6oz / $7   32oz /$20


Fiebing's Saddle Soap safely cleans and polishes in one step!   3.5oz / $3   12oz / $6


Whip cleaning Brush.  Use it to brush off any dirt before storing your whip and use it with saddle soap before applying a conditioner such as Pecard's Leather Dressing.  $3

Whip Maintenance Kit includes one 3.5oz can of Fiebings Saddle Soap, one 6oz tub of Pecard's Leather Dressing, one 36" whitehide fall, 10 twisted crackers and a whip cleaning brush.  $25


Whip repair, fall replacement and general maintenance also available.  Please Contact Us  for more details.

God Bless America!

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