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Earlier this year Jack was blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime,  to spend several days learning rawhide preparation and knot tying with one of the best rawhide braiders of all time, Nate Wald.  Jack is focused on perfecting his rawhide artistry, creating collector quality, yet fully functional pieces.


The body of this quirt is braided out of 16 stands of natural rawhide and then dressed up with black and white rawhide knots.  A hand tooled scroll design dresses up the popper.


The wrist loop is a 12 strand flat Trenza Patria.



Hobbles to match the quirt pictured above.



4 strand 60 foot reata.



Close up of the San Juan style honda.  The knots are tied in calf rawhide.




This Rawhide pencil bosal is made in the old double cheek style.



With an 8 stand Trenza Patria, and a very unique pendant attachment, this necklace is a beautiful piece of art.  The hand engraved authentic spur rowel makes it the perfect accessory to any western outfit.  Dress it up or down, it never looks out of place. $125.00




Note the intricate knots and braid.  Engraving on spur rowels will vary. Larger rowels also available.





Look for more quality items to be pictured on this page as he finishes them.

God Bless America!

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