Chap Measurement Form

Please Print this form, fill it out, and send it to us to insure the best fit for your chaps or chinks.

When measuring, wear the type of clothing you intend to be wearing with your chaps, including your boots.  Using a cloth tape or a thin steel tape is helpful.  Pull tape snug, and make sure it is fairly level.  You can use a string as a substitute and then measure the length from the string with a large tape or yardstick.  Be as accurate as you can with your measurements, this will determine how well your chaps will fit.

A)  Waist:___________  Measure around waist where you would like the chap belt to be.  This is usually just under your pants belt.

B)  Length:__________  Measure from the point where you took the waist measurement to the floor. ( For chinks, measure from A to E)

C)  Thigh:__________  Measure around the thigh at the largest point, usually just under the crotch.

D)  Knee:__________  Measure around the largest point of the knee joint.

E)  Calf:___________  Again around the largest point, this measurement is only required for shotgun chaps.

F)  Drop:___________  Measure the distance from where the waist measurement was taken to just under the crotch.

G)  Inseam:__________  From the crotch to the top of the boot heel.  Usually 1 1/2" to 2" off the floor.  This measurement is not required for chinks.

If there are to be any special designs such as Brands, Initials, Logos, etc. please draw them on the back of this form, or attach them.  If you have any questions, call us at (406) 473-2453

Send form to:  Cowboy-By Design

                        Box 25

                        Judith Gap, MT  59453

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