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Attention! We are no longer in business and are unable to take any orders. We apologize for any inconvenience. - Jack& Ruth Perry

    We have built everything from Shotgun chaps to little kid's Chinks.  Pictured below are a few that we have made. 

    At the bottom of this page you will find a measurement form.  These are the measurements we need to ensure that your chaps/chinks fit you properly.  Please Contact Us with your wishes for color, type of tooling and style.


Flashy and Patriotic rodeo chaps.




Wheat colored chinks with Sheridan style tooling and brand on the yoke.  This yoke is finished in shades of dark brown with the brand left natural to make it stand out. 



A simple scroll design encircles initials and a mule head on either yoke.  The scroll design continues on the leg shields.






The yoke and leg shield on these chinks have a cherry colored border and black background.  The floral design is left the natural oiled leather color.


Dark chocolate brown chinks with Cowgirl conchos on the leg shield and yoke.




Our model is a bit small but doing his best to show off these fancy kid chinks.

Any little cowpoke would be proud to wear their initials on the yoke and their name on the leg of custom fitted chinks made just for them.



The smallest we've made yet.  Made for a 4 month old we used Velcro on the back and legs instead of buckles and deer tanned cowhide to make them extra soft.




Please click here to print a measurement form.  Measurements, brands and logos must be sent to us in writing.  We are happy to discuss styles and colors by e-mail or phone. 

God Bless America

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